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A night of H&M



Exhausting.. but worth it. Just few of the words I think of when I look back at my eventful experience 4 nights ago. It still hasn’t sink in that 1) this actually happened and 2) how in the world was I able to survive the hectic week that just occurred – oh wait, I’m currently in bed with a cold. A little price I have to pay for squeezing in school work, at least 3 hours of sleep and events. I repeat, it was all worth it. But let me digress the schedule talk and let’s talk about my experience more. As seen in the pictures, it was a day filled with nothing but fashion, meeting new people and more fashion.  Fast forward to the VIP Night, the little compulsive shopper in me was appeased by 3 floors of heaps of clothing. And by the end of the night, me and my friend Renee was able to walk out with a bag of clothes and sore feet. Thanks Hennes and Mauritz.



top c/o Rhipe’s Backyard / H&M skirt / Stradivarius rings / ALDO bag

I’m decked in utilitarian fashion with pieces that is more functional than it is aesthetic-wise. Something I’ve learned as an interior design student which simultaneously applies with the way I dress. Boots with track soles and hats that work as sun/drizzle protection? Sold! With the bipolar weather nowadays, it’s always best to go for outfits that can adapt to any situation. On another lesson learned, it’s crazy what you find when you dig a little deeper – or in my case, my closet. I discovered this decade-old tennis skirt (under kids clothing, actually) which is officially my new found vintage gem!



Topshop jumper and skirt / Zara boots / Sunnies Studios sunglasses

Here’s a little jpeg inundation and break from my usual shooting spot — a compensation for the slight blog hiatus. October is usually the month I start eyeballing fall clothing and unconsciously engulf myself in sweaters. I’m aware that we don’t have fall here in the PH as much as I wish (or pretend) there is. And I admit that most of the “cold” season clothing I’ve amassed are 50% the product of being an impulse buyer and 50% due to freezing easily (valid reason!) But sweaters, knits and especially fur are just one of those impractical things I highly covet. No shame.


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