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Forever 21 shirt / Zara skirt / Topshop slip ons / Mint sunnies

I’m never the type to deck myself with heavy pieces, in fact, I always find myself being a minimalist on most things. Being the fervent street style browser I am, I didn’t realize I was unwittingly grabbing basic tees and basic flats – the normcore influence, I suppose? I’m not complaining though since it allows me to be the lazy dresser I really am on most days. Besides, pairing high and low pieces has always been my style mantra.

Mr. Dean









Zara jacket and clutch / Topshop shirt, jeans and espadrilles

If it’s one thing that has changed about my style over the year is how I’ve been leaning towards easy and effortless. I’ve always been keen on sartorial versatility and collecting timeless fashion pieces has always been a goal. One of my favorite purchases so far is the Super Soft Ankle Grazer Jeans from Topshop which the name already speaks for itself. It is uncommon to find skinny jeans that are comfortable so this is definitely one of my closet gems.

The Blogger Essentials



Illustration by me

Blogger Essentials – sunnies, check. Laptop, check. Time.. Focus.. Determination.. Patience?

I’ve been asked numerous times on how I started blogging and what keeps me going. The obvious answer would be inspiration but that only works for the former than the latter. Let’s face it, it’s not everyday a brilliant idea comes to mind and personally, I always seem to be wracking my brain on what I could possibly write— this post included. When I began blogging 3 years ago with personal blogging as my starting point, I never really had a certain goal with my blog. It was a hobby to me and I enjoyed every second of doing it. Although the answer may be subjective, it pretty much goes down to why I started in the first place – having the passion to write and the passion to share.

Before anything else, I want to point out that there is no standard to blogging. And there never should be. It is not for “the rich and pretty people” and “the ones with thousands of followers” as what other netizens would point out about bloggers. Blogging started simply as a hobby way before it evolved into the vastly growing industry we now know. You don’t need to be “rich” and have expensive equipment to be a blogger. If you’re a newbie, an inexpensive camera and a restricted budget could go a long way— and that’s from personal experience. I will not lie since there will be some investing needed if you want to expand your blog. But consider these things as “upgrades” and not a requirement.

Looking at most established bloggers now, they’re nearly at ‘celebrity status’ – a term used in a conversation I had with some blogger friends as we fangirl (lol) over the top bloggers now. Always remember that you never find yourself at the top without having to work your way to it. As much as receiving blog traffic is a good thing, it doesn’t determine who you are as a blogger. Fame shouldn’t be an objective to begin with and wanting to blog shouldn’t be for the sake of hype. Focus on your content and your hard work will eventually pay off. Love what you do and do it because you love it.



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