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Look 1: H&M coat / Pink Manila top / Sunnies sunglasses

Look 2: H&M sweater / Zalora culottes / Zara boots

I once told myself that I’d never wear culottes for two reasons — one, it reminds me of what boxers would wear and two, I couldn’t pull it off. And today I could only say the same for the former. These culottes are my new everything — with a hint of bias because it’s in leather. I’ve been pulling these babies out of my closet every chance I get that I find myself in stores looking for some sort of substitute — not culottes per se but in the same structure or at a different length. It’s about time I find something to level out the number of mini-skirts in my closet.

In light of November, I’ve finally made a blog update within a week timeframe since my last upload. And to make it an even merrier prelude to the holidays, a faux fur coat I spotted lonesomely hanging on the racks of H&M has found itself a new loving home (aka my closet) — so much for investing in culottes. But anyone who has been a longtime follower on my twitter or instagram would know how impractically obsessed I am with fur. So with that, I think a self-congratulatory sushi binge is in order for actually getting myself to blog after a week worth of school stress. Over and out.

Photos by Keso | Edit by yours truly


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