• Online Features •

Candy Magazine: Style Files (March 2012)

Candy Magazine: 31 Days of Style x Best of Style Files (July 2012)

Teen Vogue: Best-dressed Readers x look of the day (May 2013)

Teen Vogue: Best-dressed Readers x look of the day (October 2013)

SM Youth: Campus Style: UST (October 2014)

Status Magazine: The Instagrammys 2015: People to Follow

Style Bible: This Week’s Bloggers Looks (March 2015)

Style Bible: This Week’s Blogger Looks (April 2015)

Status Magazine: OOTDs of the Week: Over the Shoulder (April 2015)

Style Bible: Top Blogger #OOTDS: Nail The Hat Trick (May 2015)

Style Bible: Blogger Slam Book (May 2015)

Candy Mag: 30 Days of Style (June 2015)

Status Magazine: OOTDS of the Week: The Gladiator (July 2015)

Style Bible: Bloggers Who Borrowed From The Boys (August 2015)

Style Bible: Bloggers Who Rocked White Sneakers (August 2015)

My 7: Bea Marin for Pink Manila

SSI Life Magazine: Fashion’s Next Generation (November 2015 issue)

Mega Style: Fresh Faced Beauty For Every Girl (November 2015)

Style Bible: 5 Ways to Wear Leather, According to This Week’s Top Blogger OOTDs

Business World University: OOTD Culture (November 2015)

Status Magazine: Coolest People of 2015

The Idle Man: Bea Marin Chats with The Idle Man (January 2016)

We The Pvblic: OOTDs We Loved At Goodvybes Festival (February 2016)

Style Bible: Style Equations for Your Sporty Spicy (April 2016)

Mega Style: Most Beautiful Digital Influencer (May 2016)

Preen: Favourite Photo Apps (August 2016)

Star Style: Style Slash – Bea Marin (September 2016)

Mega Magazine: 30 Under 30 (June 2017)

Status Magazine: STATUS Invades (May 2018)


• Published Features •

Candy Magazine: All The Rage section (June 2013 issue)

Manila Bulletin Newspaper x Style Weekend Magazine: Woman @ Work (January 10, 2014 issue)

Candy Magazine: Blogger Boom (July 2015 issue)

Preview Magazine: Style Profile (July 2015 issue)

Business World University: OOTD Culture (November 2015 issue)

Candy Magazine: Cool Collective (March 2016 issue)

Candy Magazine: The Art of Beauty (March 2016 issue)

Preview Magazine: Steel the Night (May 2016 issue)

Mega Magazine: Stylephile (May 2016 issue)

Chalk Magazine: Retail Rundown (June-July 2016 issue)

Garage Magazine: Kenzo x H&M (November 2016 issue)

Preview Magazine: Keds Campaign (Dec 2016 – January 2017 issue)


• Projects / Works •

CandyMag.com Correspondent (Batch 2013)

Candy Magazine: Safeguard Pink Aloe campaign (October – December 2013 issue)

CandyMag.com: Tweak My Style: Prom Fashion Edition (December 2013)

BENCH Blog: Beats – After School Special (August 2015)

Clean and Clear #BeAlwaysReady Campaign with Liza Soberano (May 2016)

Preview x Unliver All Things Hair Video Campaign (October 2016)

KEDS Fall Campaign Ambassador (November 2016)

TRESemme Ambassador 2017-2019

ALDO #AldoCrew Summer Campaign Ambassador (April 2017)

UNAROSA It Club: #ItGirl Campaign (June 2017)




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