Back again at Hong Kong and this time around, I’ve become more acquainted with this fast-paced city than when I first visited (and blogged about it) a few years back. Crazy how much time flies and how much times I’ve been here since then. But let me tell you this: Hong Kong never seems to get old. There’s always a number of new things to do each time you come back.

1. Sham Shui Po – this district always seems to be part of my itinerary each time I visit Hong Kong. If you’re on the lookout for a good bargain wether it’s on clothing, textiles and other handicrafts; this is the place to go. However for this trip, I visited two new spots I haven’t been to before: Brothers Leathercraft (a DIY leather crafting shop where I got try my hand at making some leather goods) and Kung Wo Dou Bun Chong (this hidden Michelin restaurant that serves traditional soybean dishes and desserts — order suggestion: tofu pudding!!!)

2. John Anthony – you know I’m a sucker for good food combined with good ambiance. This restaurant serves the right balance between traditional and experimental Chinese cuisine that had us feasting for more than hour — no kidding! What got me more glued to my seat though was just basking in the oriental and Art Deco inspired interiors that somewhat made me feel like I was on the set of Crazy Rich Asians.

3.  Harbour City – if you want to feel like you’re in Hong Kong, catching the view from Harbour City is one thing to never miss — wether it’s from the mall, the viewing decks or from a bayside restaurant (suggestion: Paper Moon had an impeccable view of the skyline while we dined to mouth-watering Italian cuisine)

4. Hong Kong Disneyland – believe it or not, from the number of times I’ve been to Hong Kong, it was my first to go to Disneyland… and can I just say, I’m the happiest kid alive now! I’m usually not one for rollercoaster rides but I truly enjoyed a few the attractions there: Space Mountain and their latest one, Grizzly Coaster. And since it’s already around holiday season, we got to witness a few Christmas parades, performances and tree lighting ceremonies that felt absolutely nostalgic to watch.


Thank you Hong Kong Tourism Board for sponsoring this trip. #DiscoverHongkong

Bea Marin

5 thoughts on “HONGKONG MINUTE

  1. Fascinating! More places to discover in Hong Kong so I would know where to go. Thanks for the adventure thru your travels. Will look forward to your next post.

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