When you’re left with a delayed flight and only around 48 hours to spare in a city you’ve never been to; you grab an espresso and brace yourself for a weekend of no sleep and non-stop exploration.

1. Gardens by the Bay – of course our first order of business at Singapore is none other than at the popular Gardens by the Bay. I’m usually one to steer clear from tourist hotspots but this place is definetely not one to miss — especially if you have a love for foilage, flowers and #feedgoals.

2. Dazzling Cafe – a quirky bunny themed cafe known especially for their desserts, Dazzling Cafe was an all around experience. Note: it’s also right by the iconic Capitol Theatre. 

3. National Art Gallery Singapore – being able to catch Yayoi Kusama exhibited at the National Art Gallery was truly the highlight of my entire trip. Witnessing firsthand her iconic art style and installations honestly puts the word “lucky” as an understatement.

4. Haji Lane – like the counterpart of Gough Street in Hong Kong; Haji lane is dedicated to quirky wall art, bars, restaurants, cafes, furniture stores and unique clothing. I highly suggest visiting Mod Parade and Looksee Looksee while you’re at it!

5. Gudetama Cafe – if you’re a fan of Sanrio’s Gudetama and if you’re a fan of food, this is the place for you. The cafe was all sorts of adorable with Gudetama-branded everything. Yes, everything.

6. Curious Palette – Next to the glorious laksa I had at the airport, Curious Palette was another favourite that offered pretty memorable dishes — I highly suggest the soft shell crab burger and salted egg buffalo wings.

7. Marina Bay Sands (The Shoppes and ArtScience Museum) – if you’re looking for a shopping centre that has all your favorite designer labels under one roof, expect it to be at Marina Bay Sands. However, if you’re not much of the shopping type, the ArtScience Museum is located in the same area with permanent iconic exhibits like “Future World”.

8. ION Orchard – if you want to go shopping and you want variation, do it at Orchard. Expect to find both high and low stores sprawled across the road. This place was the epitome of my bankruptcy. 

9. The White Rabbit – capped my last night in Singapore filled with fine cuisine, architecture and history. The White Rabbit is a 1930’s Ebenezer chapel restored restaurant inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Although the restaurant is on the pricier range, you can always go to the bar area called The Rabbit Hole instead if you want something more relaxed.

Bea Marin

6 thoughts on “48 HOURS IN SINGAPORE

    1. Not realy right now, though; was there last Thursday until Saturday. I visited some of the spots you mentioned here and, if I may, let me share some thoughts.

      Both 1 and 7 are great at night, but I found 4 (Haji Lane) too much of a hipster haven. If memory serves me correctly, Gudetama is in Suntec right? Saw it by accident, alongside Lush Cosmetics there.

      ION Orchard, like what you said, is a shoppers’ haven – but I was disappointed with the Uniqlo there.

  1. I’ve only been to Singapore once when I was maybe 12, and at that age, all you could think of going to is Universal Studios but at least we got to stay at Marina Bay, but never really the hip and creative parts of the city. After seeing you and Renee together, I’ve been planning to go back and see the places you went to. Thank God for this posts! hehe. Hopefully I get to see and hang wt Renee too.. In this way, I could also see the diff of HK and SNG more. 👌🏽

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