I still remember being particularly drawn to my dad’s oversized camo jacket as a child β€” struggling to fit into the mass of fabric and unintentionally building a fort out of it. To my frustration and out of my dad’s amusement, he eventually got me a similar jacket in my size (one size larger actually because “I’ll still grow into it” as per parent logic *eye roll*) and since then, my penchant for all things camo and a little utilatarian began.

I like to think that wardrobe staples are what you make of it and sticking to pieces you personally believe are timeless. Although prints such as camo may be tricky, it’s all about investing in the simplest form of a print (e.g. a plain t-shirt with no unecessary quotations, buttons, ruffles or extra fabric) and keeping it in storage ’til the next time it becomes “cool” Β again.


Look 1: Zara t-shirt, Paul Smith trousers, Charles & Keith bag, Gucci loafers

Look 2: Bleached Goods shirt, SM Ladies button-down (used as skirt), Charles & Keith bag, Public Desire boots

Bea Marin

15 thoughts on “THE MILITARY TREND

  1. It doesn’t shock me why you have a growing fan base (congrats on 60k on instagram) because there is something about you that’s unique- how magnetic you are. You are just so real that people can relate to you and whenever I read your blog, I feel like I know you or that we have been friends and you’re just telling me a story of your childhood. Stay honest and charming- it is what has gotten you here and will continue to be what will make you successful
    Lots of love,

    1. One of the many reasons why I started blogging is because I love to write, share and connect with my readers – so you telling me this is just so heartwarming!!! Thank you, Alex! πŸ™‚

  2. Ive said this again & again, but I just love your style & how you make it look so easyily out together ❀️ I was actually in mnl these past 2 weeks & I did want to meet you at that shang-ri la event but I had plans to go to pinto 😒 & now Im back in hk (remember me hehe). Hopefully I get to meet and share ID concepts/ideas wt u someday ☺️

  3. HI BEA!❀ im glad that i followed u on ig and now im reading ur blog na.. i do really luv ur own style.. Stay natural and dazzling gurl HAHA✨

  4. Hi Bea! You never fail to amaze me with your blog and ig posts. I also like that you interact eith your readers. Keep it up! And I agree that your new hair color suits you! 😊

  5. Just followed you on Ig now will follow you here. Other than your great fashion sense is your great photos. Was asking you what you photo editor you use is it vsco. and any tips on how to edit?
    Now. a. new fan.

  6. Bea…it’s me Tita Theiy from New York

    I’m turning 56 this year and I started looking into your blogs or page or whatever you may prefer to call it.
    Just one question though, ladies my age , you know, Mommy’s generation…we kinda like all these trends of your generation but maybe you can tell me why is it that most of your followers are mostly your age bracket? I hope it”s not a weird question…..waaaahhh

    Well, I must congratulate you and let you know how proud I am of how you turned out and I still do remember when I was 22 and it”s totally nothing like how your life is—not even close

    Just an idea … ladies my age would like to say things to young ladies like you and maybe we can have a tutorial on how to have a descent conversation\ with you guys….well in other words, we can be a topic on the next blog ?

    I miss you babe…I still remember when you use to see me with Mom and all I give you are chocolates….

    (Hope this isn’t awkward)

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