I guess it’s safe to say that I’ve had my fair share of stays within the metro, wether in the silent streets downtown or the manicured likes of uptown lodging, however there are only a few to name that have truly tapped my visual interest. One of which is my recent stay at Summit Hotel Magnolia, a boutique hotel nestled conveniently (yet I’ve incredulously and somehow missed) within a mall complex I frequent to.

Like most boutique hotels, Summit adheres to a certain quirkiness that is unique but not so far-fetched, however, it is the attention to detail found in each suite that makes it particularly different from the rest. My overall stay was as equally superb as the suite I had the luxury of checking-in to — coined the “fabulous suite” which takes its inspiration from old hollywood, I was immensely amused and may or may not have taken it into heart [exhibit b: fabulously enjoying my bath bomb infused bath — redundant, I know] 

And because I’d love for you to share the same experience as me, I’ll be giving away an Overnight Stay in their ‘Super Twin’ room! Mechanics are as follows: must be subscribed to this blog (this will be strictly checked), follow Summit Hotel’s page, and comment your name and e-mail below! That simple. Contest ends on April 30. Goodluck!

Bea Marin


    1. I would be very greatful if you choose me😊. I want to treat my mom this upcoming Mother’s day🤗

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