There are many things that ring true about Bagasao: the effortless balance of reconstructed and deconstructed classics, the combination of contrasting textures that seamlessly fall right between nonchalant and elegant, and the rough hemlines that aren’t made to be questioned but simply made to be undone. And it goes without a saying, as a self-proclaimed modern woman, Bagasao has become a label that resonates to me and nonetheless, what I aspire to be. I’ve yet to achieve the same quiet confindence found in his pieces and incorporate that very notion into my personal style in the years to come. 

I feel that I’ve reached a point where I’m passed making juvenile, spur of the moment decisions, bagging almost every nondescript trend that will come and go (my recent online garage sale proves just that) and have begun appreciating what investing in classics (wether reconstructed or deconstructed) can truly do for one’s defining look.

Wearing: Bagasao clothing, Stradivarius turtleneck, Milktee ruffled blouse (used as inner wear), H&M mockneck top (used as inner wear), Charles & Keith heels, Charles & Keith flats, Solewish boots, Windsor Smith mules, HEXAD accessories

Photography: Acushla Obusan

Hair and makeup: Ysra Guarino

Art direction, editing and styling: Bea Marin

Bea Marin

6 thoughts on “DENIM AFFAIR

  1. Hey Bea, I visited your blog yesterday because for some reason I remembered it’s your Birthday but I’m still unsure about it. Anyway, Happy Birthday gorgeous!!!

    -Huge fan

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