I agree that the combination of one sweltering Manila afternoon and a girl running around in 5 inch boots may seem like a completely preposterous idea but for whatever bizarre or scientific reason behind recent’s climatic change, Manila has been the exact opposite of sweltering — which in this case, gives me the freedom to exhale and nonchalantly sashay my way in full-fledged sushi legs. Although I can’t say the same for my sunburnt shoulders… Save me the prejudgment.

My newfound affinity for trousers couldn’t have come at a more convenient time. I’ve been meaning to find a new article of clothing to replace the amount of mini skirts I’ve already outgrown (both in a psychical and mental sense) in my wardrobe. There’s something about being close to turning 21 that has gotten me all fixated on change lately — even if it’s just the hemlines. Or the spontaneous dollar haircut that I took to twitter recently. How I’ll survive for summer is another pressing issue to be discussed but until then, I’m talking trousers.

Photography by Acushla Obusan

Bea Marin

14 thoughts on “FLARE

  1. you’re so great at wording things! hindi siya feeling pilit 🙂 it flows so smoothly tapos I feel the genuineness of everything you’re saying haha! I love your entries!!!

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