Left to right: Blue Carreon Home ‘Fifth Avenue’ custom mirror, H&M rhinestone earrings, Chanel N°5 eau de toilette spray, Heima Home Kate Moss ‘life is a joke’ print, Zara flats, H&M leather waist belt, Susto leather via walletOTAA skinny tie, Two Thirty Sixty manila diary, Zara star earrings, Grace Home hand soap and hand lotion, Zara studio double earrings, Heima Home AJ porcelain plate, Sunnies ‘Darla’ sunglasses, Annie and Lori ‘Bella’ flats, Paragon ‘Gigi’ iPhone case, Heima Home chevron throw pillow

You’ve probably figured by now that I’m not the type of person to go all out in reds and greens even though I occasionally like to experiment with colour. When it comes to the holidays, I like to lean towards golds, silvers, sequins and sparkles. And if it were in red and green, I’d like it in something as subdued as burgundy and moss. Now that I’m officially on semester break, I can’t wait to start decorating around the house (there’s tardiness in our traditions apparently) and finally get my shopping on. I decided to create a lust list to give myself and to those who are still scouting for last minute gifts some inspiration.

Bea Marin

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