The reign of Michael Buble and Mariah Carey is upon us and the number of times we hear a different version of ‘All I Want For Christmas’ in a day just keeps getting higher. But contrary to what the title of this post says, this isn’t going to be your average grinch story because I do for one love the holidays. Free time, free mind, free spirit (and I do mean in booze too) and absolutely, free food. Copious and copious amount of good ol’ holiday food. 

The holidays seem to be wrapped around the idea of overindulging ourselves and after the global hysteria (elections, brexit, Bradgelina…) that is the year 2016, I don’t see why we shouldn’t. To hell with the naysayers. Besides, the holidays has been more than just a seasonal splurge only the true non-scrooges would understand. Not everything revolving carefully wrapped boxes and bowties equate to a perfect present. Sometimes it’s in the tiniest of gestures we do for ourselves or for others. An extra buck 20 syrup on your christmas latte, a greeting card to a long distance kin, secret santa or feasting until the last slice of queso de bola — in which, to my family’s dismay, I do at the dinner table almost every year.

Overindulgence isn’t exactly a bad thing and personally, I’m excited to spend some downtime doing just that with loved ones. Cheers!

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Bea Marin

19 thoughts on “ANTI-HOLIDAY

  1. hi! ate bea. do you still use the skinline essentials products? especially the detox one? cause I wanna buy it but I am scared because I have sensitive skin. do you have sensitive skin also?

    1. Yes, I still use Skinline Essentials. I’ve tried the detox one and I love it! 🙂 I’m just not sure for your skin type because I’m not hyper sensitive to products. If your skin tends to react to a lot of products, maybe best not to risk it? 😦

    1. Aww thanks, Stephanie! I do have a few smalltime modelling gigs here and there but I’m not cut to be one of the pros! Haha! 🙂

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