Zara sweater / Hyphen The Label top / DIY jeans / BXTWXXN bag / Windsor Smith shoes

It is no surprise that everyone’s fashion-favourite decade, the 90’s, frequently makes a comeback — first, the patches. Then, the chokers. And in today’s case, it is how we layer over our shirts (like no biggie, I just wore a camisole over a turtleneck and ignored the fact that Manila weather doesn’t come close to 20 degrees). I like the idea, I like the throwback — the last time I wore a similar ensemble was when I was probably 8 and still thought Britney was major. Now, if I had invested in slip dresses (and expect that I will from now on!) then this would’ve been more of a success story.

Bea Marin

13 thoughts on “NINETIES

  1. Oh I just want to say that I love you!!! Continue to inspire us. Spread the beauty love!!! 👸🏼🌸💗

  2. Love this outfit! 90s fashion is e v r y t h i n g ❤ I remember the days, two years ago, when my friends would raise their eyebrows whenever I was trying to pull off a 90s inspired outfit. Hahaha. Your shoes are the absolute best. ❤

  3. Hi Bea! I’ve always wanted to buy online but always fear that I’d pay a lot of customs. Any atips?

    1. Hi Anna! Customs sucks – there’s really nothing you can do about tax. 😦 It would have to depend which store you purchase from and your shipping method. Usually some stores cover tax for you if you choose to ship via express. You’d have to coordinate with the stores on this if you can. Hope this helps! 🙂

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