Left to right: NA-KD mules, Sunnies sunglasses in ‘sabrina’, Sony h.ear in in ‘lime yellow’, Stradivarius hat, Charles & Keith purse, Daniel Wellington watch, Sony h.ear go in ‘black charcoal’, Sony h.ear on in ‘bordeaux pink’, Sunnies sunglasses in ‘nikka’, Vintage custom bag tag

And just like that, with September now down, the three ber months left will have us hurdling towards holidays upon holidays. Sales upon sales. Carbs upon carbs. Where had the year go? It felt like it was only yesterday I hopped on a plane to Bohol in January and have been flying to and from places since.

I’m incredibly grateful that most of my travels this year have been because of this blog — who knew I actually get to move my lazy bum miles away from home and still call it productivity? All jokes aside, I’m happy that I’ll be traveling again this month for non-work related reasons and that is: taking advantage of my semestral break to blow off some steam.

With that said, I’m laying down a mixture of new and old travel essentials to get myself more pumped for my flight. But for the rest of you, keep calm and read on (or in this case, above!)

Bea Marin

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