NA-KD x Beatrix dress / NA-KD heels / Vintage clutch / Vintage jewellery

I finally found the time to take a breather and look back to one of the busiest weekends to date: the night of the E! Bloggers Ball went by faster than we anticipated. Weeks dedicated to almost every influencer taking social media with hype and panic over what, or better yet, who to wear. I, on the other hand, was agonising in silence with classes happening before the ball and no glam team on speed dial — let’s call it a Cinderella moment minus the fairy godmother. Thankfully, Jeline, Renee and I have been discussing about checking-in at one of the hotels where the event is taking place because it’s a hell lot convenient that way. And because hotel sleepovers are never one to casually pass.

Bea Marin

16 thoughts on “DOLCE

    1. Thanks Stephy! I guess I was slightly inspired by Rihanna and Kim K – they’re the epitome of “hubadera”! Haha! 🙂

  1. Hi Queen B! I was wondering where you buy your dresses? So pretty! And I think we’re the same size so I nees answerss. I love you, more power!

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