Zara bomber / Dorothy Perkins skirt (worn as dress) / Bxtwxxn bag / Solewish boots / Meerkat choker

For all of its dozing and droopy consequences, I have to say I’m somewhat grateful for the stormy weather lately. Not because I get to dismiss every responsibility coming my way and hit snooze instead, but because I’ve taken it as an opportunity to dig out every boot and outerwear to layer in. Cue confessions of a fashion girl.

Bombers have no doubt swooped the market and in less than no time, every rack from designers houses (all hail Gucci S/S16!) to fast fashion was filled of a satin, mesh, metallic, embellished and embroidered kind. Quotes then patched and sewn out of Pinterest typography down to your very own childhood movie favourite. I’ve guiltily splurged from the latter (emphasis on guilt after swearing I’d never purchase from said brand after a recent copyright debacle) while making my usual rounds at the mall. Obviously my reason of purchase was out of sentiment. Maybe a reminder even: Don’t grow up. Embrace youth. Ditch adult responsibilities.

I kid of course.

Bea Marin

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