While I am a born and raised northerner, I’ve never actually made it pass 80 miles of the freeway. The most part of the north remain unknown to me until last week when I decided to hop on a bus and head up to La Union. While I’ve been to La Union as a kid once, this was the first time I ever actually got to explore and enjoy what it truly has to offer.


11:00 AM: After many stops and butt cramps later, we finally arrived at the San Juan bus terminal. We then made our way to our hostel via trike.

12:00 NN: Skip the 5-star amenities because that’s not the way to do La Union. We decided to stay at Flotsam and Jetsam, a hostel nestled right by the beach and is as vibrant as it gets. I almost forgot the gem was a hostel.

1:00 PM: Rested, unpacked and refreshed. And by refreshed, I mean, grabbing a glass of iced OJ at Flotsam’s bar area to start the day.


2:00 PM: We decided to explore the beach to sight see and grab some lunch — obviously unaware of how ridiculously long and wide the strip was. Public advisory: don’t forget an umbrella if you don’t want a sunburn.

3:00 PM: Headed back to our hostel to refresh (no, I did not order another glass of OJ) and change into our swimwear.

4:00 PM: Go surf or go home. Seriously. There’s no point to LU if you don’t plan on at least surfing. It was my first time and boy was it an exhilarating experience.

5:00 PM: All fatigued after an hour’s worth of surf, we hit the shore and spent the rest of the afternoon watching the sunset. And may or may not have stalked a stray Dachshund.

8:00 PM: Showered and dozed off (figures) before we headed to dinner. Treated ourselves with some double carb action at Flotsam’s cafe. Best. Carbonara. Ever.

10:00 PM: Light’s out.

8:00 AM: Rise and grind. Now what would a beach trip be without fruit? Ordered myself an acai mix at Makai Bowls for breakfast.

10:00 AM: Check-out.

11:00 AM: Headed back for Manila. ETA: 6-hours. Butt pain: eternal.

Bea Marin

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