Look 1: Bershka jacket with custom patches / Undo top / Forever 21 skirt / Charles & Keith bag

Look 2: Lola & Daisies top / Topshop culottes / Ego boots / Charles & Keith bag

So often I’m asked about how I manage to juggle my blogging and academics while, at the least, maintain an average on both — and it’s in those silent moments when I’m curled on my bed, with barely 2 hours of sleep left to spare until I’m up and at ’em that I begin to ask myself the same question — or better yet, why?

To sideline in whatever industry as an undergrad is as fulfilling as it is draining. My snap story for the month of May can already speak for itself and yes, I’m talking about that 15 hour taping between finals I partook in recently. But it is also within those moments of struggle that come personal milestones; the overwhelming sense of accomplishment like submitting a term paper on time (#pro-crammer), getting twice a published and double-paged feature in a month, or even snagging an award for something pretty rad that remind me why I push myself almost everyday — eye beaten and all.

This week while I was catching up on rest, digging out every eye cream and sitcom to marathon ’til I lulled, I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that no matter how much I try to avoid the work hysteria, some derange (maybe slightly obsessed) part of me will always look for it. I’m starting to miss the incessant sound of e-mail notifications and scribbling on my planner. No kidding.

Nonetheless, while I am yet to figure out what I can do with my first few weeks of the break until special term starts (required thesis units suck like hell), it is for the prelude to rainy weather alone that has me half-excited to freely wear and continue to buy more bombers and boots. The other half of myself is dreading I never got to taste summer and blow up the donut floater I recently ordered — indoor pool party, anyone?

Bea Marin

11 thoughts on “RAIN OR SHINE

  1. I love your confidence in photoshoots. How do you manage to stand and pose there in the 3rd picture with all those cars in your background. So awesome! And your outfits are ALWAYS on point. 💛

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