Vintage t-shirt / Copper skirt / Simmi heels / Zara bag

I’m all about t-shirts. Loosely cladding, fresh out of bed, undone hair and coffee in hand to match. T-shirts.

If it’s anything I’ve learned about the world of fashion (or art, as my twitter biography would suggest) is that there aren’t necessarily any rules to break as long as you can get away with it — case in point: a t-shirt that I’ll admit, has been my sleepwear for a year’s time is now seeing the light of day next to the glamorous likes of Ralph Lauren and MAC. And even more so, getting compliments at looking très chic when in reality, this was pulled together out of sheer laziness.

The secret doesn’t lie in irony but more inclined towards the art of distraction. The goal is to disguise your old clothing into something ‘you can get away with’ — paging Annalise Keating, please. Do it in high heels. Do it in a tight skirt. Do it in your best Kardashian contour and you can make even the most sinful of basics look well put together and not something you didn’t get out of bed with — we can keep the latter to ourselves. And unless you have some mystical power at making drab sweats look sexy, this process would have to do.

Over and out.

Bea Marin

10 thoughts on “TOMMY GIRL

  1. No words. You look astounding as always, and you’re one of the few people I know who can actually pull off sleepwear with a leather skirt – god knows I’ve tried to make it work so many times. I love the way you write as well. Keep slaying for all the lazy dressers out there!

    Andrea | Collars and Bones

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