Look 1: Topshop jacket / Inces scarf (used as choker) / Adidas ‘Core White’ ZX Flux

Look 2: Stradivarius jacket / Topshop top / Copper skirt / Adidas ‘Blanch Purple’ ZX Flux

I don’t remember the last time I simply wore a dress with heels. A skirt with heels, perhaps, but never to the extent of going sartorially overboard feminine. I will always find a way to balance it out with something contradicting to the mix like, say, sneakers or an oversized jacket — something my mum and the rest of her generation would often cringe at and never understand (throwback to being welcomed by side eyes for wearing a hoodie with heels to a baptism. Oh, what joy)

Needless to say, the ‘normcore’ hysteria hasn’t died down even the slightest bit and every Yeezy-inspired #ootds rising to a swipe per swipe basis on Instagram is one shining, or do I dare say, a torned-out structureless evidence of just that — giving the rest of us psychically inactive or unskilled in heels a chance to run out in pseudo sportswear and call it fashion. And unless you’re on some sort of 80’s aesthetic with shoulder pads, undone and structureless is actually a good thing.

And I hope it stays that way or else what am I going to do with the loose and drab sweaters that occupy nearly half of my wardrobe? Yoga? Run? Actually sweat?! I gasp.

All jokes aside, here I am, back in the usual contradicting ensemble of snazzy meets lazy because let’s face it, dressing down saves us half of the usual time to get ready (excluding makeup, obvi) and that’s coming from someone who takes it as a ritual. Add in two more sneakers from Adidas’ latest collection to the circulation and I’m down to 5 minutes of getting ready, a week of breaking them in and an even worthier excuse to dress down. Cheers to ye olde sneakers!

Bea Marin

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