I know, I know, I’ve been MIA and haven’t been regularly updating the blog again — but really, when is that ever new? If you’ve been following me on my instagram, you’d know that I recently spent last week out of town. I’m grateful that our easter break is always set aside for our annual family beach trip to Batangas. Typically, the struggle to catch at least a bar signal isn’t an overstatement — our uncle had to bring out his pocket wifi but it only kept everyone’s sanity level at a minimum. But I guess there was more good to it than bad. Being slightly disconnected from both social media and the metro,  I finally got the break I’ve been in dire need of because I’ve been so swamped with midterm load over the past month (explains why I’ve been MIA). So to make up for my lack of blog updates, here is another beach photo dump with a few gifs for a twist that I hope you’ll all enjoy! And no worries, I have pretty exciting things in store for this blog!  *wink emoji*

Bea Marin

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