Promod jacket / Muzi top and skirt / Simmi booties

It always feels refreshing to sport a colour other than black regardless if it’s still under the neutral spectrum. I surprisingly admitted to myself once that “colourful” outfits are a little less boring than the usual monochromatic outfit as it’s a whole lot visual and more pondering was put to it — like how one colour would go with the other and so on. But to those who aren’t so keen on going full-on rainbow such as myself or at least jump to pantone’s colour of the year (okay, now that I think of it, I’d probably love some pink in my wardrobe), going for nudes or whites are more of an easier transition. I would know. I’ve been leaning towards nudes a lot lately and this combo outfit is by far one my favourites. Mock neck and a high slit? I am sold!

Bea Marin

8 thoughts on “GOING NUDE

  1. I’ve always been wondering how do you wear your Type B uniform to the university. I hope you can make a post about it some time. Stay beautiful, Bea!

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