Coincidentally shot during lunar new year and coincidentally published on valentines — who knew adding a touch of red could get any more relevant than this? Disregarding last week’s bum lazy post, here’s the real prelude post for February that am pretty excited about — mainly because food emojis are involved.

So often, I’m asked about what exactly my personal style is all about and instead of coming up with a well-thought out, one-hit sentence that seem to effortlessly define most bloggers and style icons, I end up with a vague and slightly lethargic answer — “uhm, I like balancing this and that” or “I think I’m just a little eclectic” in hopes the term can work as well as it does when I conceptualise for my interior design class.

I’ve always been the type of person who draws inspiration from my surroundings rather than an individual. For me, I’ll be buzzing with ideas one random afternoon after finding a picture, a piece of clothing or an entire concept online, from a magazine or wherever it may be. I’ll admit that following way too many bloggers and e-tailers somehow has a subconscious effect on what I end up putting together, I’m still a firm believer that there’s more to the styling process than simply categorising yourself to ‘edgy’, ‘minimal’ or ‘normcore’ and going from there. Because let’s face it, are we really normcore when we occasional opt for impractical heels (guilty!) and are we really minimal if we skipped Wang x H&M and decided to splurge on Balmain’s instead?

I feel like trends tend to influence our style as much as we hate to admit it (okay, how did neckerchiefs and chokers become a thing again?) and the thing is, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I feel like it’s all about knowing your style — gradually improving and occasionally experimenting yet still heading the same direction. And currently, I’m in the process of expanding my wardrobe to more than my usual staples.

Bea Marin

7 thoughts on “LITTLE RED SCARF

  1. You’re such a trendsetter, Bea! I love how you stray away from mainstream fashion. I look forward to seeing more of your style. 🙂

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