Suzy top / Young Hungry Free bottoms / Adidas shoes

Although I’m usually the type to write with a purpose or publish meaningful content subsequent to creative edits, today is one of those uninspired days where I simply feel like rambling. So brace yourselves:

It’s been more than a week since I last landed in Manila from my quick trip to Bohol (to those who are updated on my instagram would know the incessant beach photos that have been crammed in a week) and made myself a promise that I will start getting my s### together once I arrived home. Let’s just say post-holiday depression can screw with your routine and leave you retreating back to your bed at noon, longing for another getaway — ehrm, I’ll leave the rest of my wallowing for another travel post. On a less melodramatic note, this is the first outfit post with my short hair after spontaneously taking the saying ‘new year, new me’ as a sign to rush to the salon last month. I’d have to admit that this is usually the time I start weeping on wanting my old hair back but I’m not having any regrets — except for this sad attempt at a ponytail despite the unseen, hideous amount of bobby pins I placed in. 19 years of locks that always brushed past my shoulders surely has me clueless on how to exactly style my hair so forgive me for this one. Any suggestions (i.e. maybe I should bleach it. Half-kidding) would be greatly appreciated. Happy long weekend, everyone! ‘Til the next post!

Bea Marin

10 thoughts on “BABY HAIR

  1. haha, I feel you on the hair problem, I got myself haircut few months ago and can’t complain, but doing a ponytail is a nightmare! 😀 But you look cool, really.

  2. The quintessential short, messy slash wavy bob hairstyle would suit you perfectly! :-bd

  3. Hello Ate Bea! 👋🏻 I’m your great fan together with Ate Marla (I know you know her hihi) Hindi ka pa po nagpapakulay ng buhok before? 😬

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