For someone like me who easily gets homesick, the whole idea of spending more time at the backseat of a car than my own bed usually has me dismayed. But I guess that’s what a draining semester does for you — you end up either wanting to stay at home or be anywhere but home. And after finding a half-empty closet and toiletries that still remain tucked in pouches, I think it’s now safe to say that January has been a month of living off luggages. And I’m not complaining. So with that, here is last week’s trip documented in video because photo-dumping was (cue valley girl accent) soooo last blog post. Now back to packing again as I’m booked for another exciting trip this week. Enjoy and stay tuned!

Bea Marin

16 thoughts on “TAGAYTAY VIDEO DIARY

  1. Hi ate bea! I super love it. You always slay! Anyway, I hope you will post more short videos about your trip or whatnots. It’s totally awesome.

  2. As much as Sky Ranch is the usual go-to for tourists, there are actually more to Tagaytay than meets the eye. 🙂 I’m a native and this is a pretty video 😀

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