Topman jacket / Topshop sports bra / Pink Manila skirt

Hello from the northern and no less sunny neighbour of the metro, Pampanga. While everyone is on post-holiday depression and back on the grind, I’m currently sucking in the post-holday food baby and wrapping myself in an oversized men’s denim in case we binge on any more food. And boy, was I right. After successfully devouring 5 full meals and counting, I’ve currently fallen into a state of the food coma and in no mood to leave our hotel room … or bed, for that matter. The irony of it all is that the whole idea of spending R&R outside town, at least in my maternal side of the family, is leaving no room for healthy eating (in attempt to recover from the copious amount of holiday cheese and pork consumed in the past two weeks) and getting any actual rest whatsoever. Bring the rest of the Brady bunch over and we got ourselves a belly full of beer and guilt — happy new year, indeed.

Bea Marin

8 thoughts on “POST-HOLIDAY

  1. I feel you. Eat, Sleep and Eat more! By the way, your outfit is on fleek as per. Slé mama, slé! Happy 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣6️⃣🍾💟

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