Young Hungry Free top and bottom / Zara heels

When you find a bathroom decked in marble, gold and Instagram dreams, what do you do? Lo and behold — the mystery to why girls take decades in the bathroom has finally been revealed. All jokes aside, our post-fashion week bathroom shenanigans turned impromptu collaborative photoshoot has been all Renee, Fed and I have been raving about. Pass the likes of Jerome Salaya Ang’s finale collection and our unending glorification for the runway’s playlist, of course.

Sigh. Where was shazam when we needed it?

But let’s digress the app-talk before the effects of a technology-inclined generation gets the best of me and finally cap off the frenzy that was PHFW. If weren’t for school, I’ve basically been living under a rock and to wrap up the highlight to what seemed to be the most mundane 4 weeks of my life yet is giving me withdrawals. Until then, I look forward to the next season!

Photos by Acushla Obusan

Bea Marin

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