Philippine Fashion Week has become a lot more diverse than what I’ve gotten used to 2 years ago — two years since my last attendance for who knows what reason (ehrm, swamped with work 24/7). Long gone are the days of a season-stricken mindset and creating the predictable or cliche. This season is a game changer in more ways than one. The reinvention of Spring/Summer 2016 turned out to be more effective than overdone. In fact, undone is the new statement of the season with garments that are the opposite of tailored, loose but chicly cladding your body, and fringed out hems.

Obviously, the 70’s is still holding its comeback title but if it’s anything else that has me hooked, it’s the materials and silhouettes you’d never expect to be sporting out a few months from now — I say yes to tweed, patchwork and structured, boxy coverups.

Bea Marin

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