Look 1: H&M jacket, top and skirt

Look 2: Hyphen The Label top / Pink Manila button-down and skirt

First and foremost, I’m back and with a very, very overdue post. Here is the other half of the film photos I shot with Fed that’s just too good to leave on backlog for any longer. I’ve decided to put these looks into one post instead of a separate one since it’s actually cohesive together (mentally categorising this to graffiti and mural appreciation post). And secondly, please excuse the lack of a better post title as I haven’t been feeling creative the past week or so.

Although contradictory to what I feel, this set is probably the most creative yet. Aside from the murals we spotted along High Street, I was feeling extra creative while coming up of outfits to wear. This shoot was done a few days after the online pandemonium that was NYFW (for those of you who follow way too much designers, influencers and press would know what I mean) and Diesel Black Gold SS16 was one of the collections that had me inspired. Coincidentally, I’ve had this Hyphen The Label top for quite a while and I’ve been wracking my brain on how to style it because the back detail is too good to simply leave at the … well, back. So the solution? Take cue from Diesel and reverse!

But in all true essence to how I dress, I could never not want to add a little unconventional twist (read: heels with socks). With that, let me know your thoughts or comments below — I actually miss hearing from you guys. Oh, and have a great week ahead!

Photos by Fed Pua


Bea Marin

11 thoughts on “ONE WITH ART

  1. The moment you posted that look with the hypen the label outfit you had on ig, I was already looking forward for more photos. I love everything about that ensemble it’s so bad ass. But you made it look really classy with the heels and the make-up. Plus you’re definitely slaying it bea!!!! Looking forward to more outfit posts!

  2. I’ve been waiting for this post, Bea! Amazing look! I’ve always loved your taste in… well, absolutely everything. Haha. Keep up the good work!

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