Look 1: Hyphen the Label top, Topshop shorts, Adidas shoes

Look 2: A Common Space top, Zara skirt

I will be honest, nothing has change since my last blog update nearly a month ago — unless you count the increasing number of food I consume on a daily basis and the pounds I’ve gained then maybe the one thing that has changed is my coping mechanism with stress. But the same overused story about my academic life and rapidly decaying relationship with sleep still applies. That, and I’m still being robbed by overpriced coffee.

My focus has been primarily for school these days — my many desperate attempts at social media redemption and the number of heart-swelling “good luck on acads/uni” messages I’ve been receiving from you guys only proves that my absence in the web-sphere has been more apparent than ever. Frequent blog postings is as far unattainable as the glamorised eyebrow game — one of which have been moved to the bottom of my priority list together with mani-pedis.

But in the span of the 4 weeks I’ve been away, amidst chasing deadlines and dealing with chronic eye bags, there was surprisingly more good to it than bad. One of it includes waiting for these film photos to be developed so I could finally share with you 2/4’s of the looks I shot with my friend Fed. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed shooting them. There’s more film photos to come so stay tuned! Have a great week ahead and good luck to those having their midterms such as myself. *sips more coffee*

Photos by Fed Pua

Bea Marin

8 thoughts on “ARCADE FIRE

  1. Kim cruz mentioned you in her blog,and I’ve searched for you,then I didn’t expect you’ll be such a wonderful lady 🙂 and those words you wrote were very lovely :).I’d better read some more…

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