Uniqlo shirt / Tim & Franc trousers / Zara boots / Sunnies Studios sunglasses

The ber months have officially kicked in and so has my colds — after a week of contradicting sleeping schedules between daytime agendas and night classes, I’m not so surprised. It’s times like these when I immediately fall into a slump and start yearning for the next holiday break — where I’m not meeting my professors’ deadlines or hearing the blasted sound of my alarm. But you know, we must go on.

In the circumstance of an unforeseen cold (okay, maybe it was a long time coming), one can only wish bedroom-confinement was a valid excuse for everything. So like every other human being, I find ways to make the daily grind a little less manic — splurging on overpriced tea/coffee, taking cheat day to a whole other level, that sort of thing. But on other (non food-related) days, when I’m required to slip into something besides sweatpants, I strive for anything that masks puffy eyes and substitutes for pyjamas — ladies and gentlemen, the true purpose of sunglasses and trousers. And in all effort to feel like I’ve rolled straight out of bed, I’ve been opting for something as basic as t-shirts. Which, on a side note, I may have just bought in all different colours. Don’t judge.

Bea Marin

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