A Common Space coat / Lola & Daisies coord / Nike shoes

On the second half of our 24 hour stay in Tagaytay, I found myself inclining towards cultural habits — breakfast binging in between siestas — a temptation (or an indigestion waiting to happen) that comes with vacationing alongside a miraculous early body clock. Apparently, we all tend to do the unrealistic and unhealthy when on vacation — and in my case, it’s ordering cocktails … erm, mocktails by noon and actually enjoying breakfast (because I’m not half asleep, half dreading the day).

In the sedative cool breeze and high altitude of Tagaytay, I found the perfect opportunity to layer. Although sadly, my encounter with coats was as brief as our entire trip — right when I was already getting comfortable with my newfound frayed denim love of a coat, we suddenly hit the road back home.

So much for seizing the weather.

Thankfully (well, sort of) today’s weather back in the city still leaves space to layer and with how lightweight this denim coat is, I don’t think I’ll be putting this away anytime soon.

Bea Marin

9 thoughts on “BRUNCH HOUR

  1. Hi Bea! I love your style hehe i hope you don’t mind me asking, what lip colors do you often use?

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