Pink Manila top / Thrift Market trousers / Zara bag / Michael Antonio shoes

There’s always a first for everything and in last, last week’s case it’s 1) wearing a tube top, 2) a non-solo shoot with my girl, Jeline and 3) double behind-the-camera action with Ira and Jonathan. Which was just an afternoon spent roaming around the city, invading parking spaces and finding a walkways full of graffiti — sadly not captured here.

I’ve always associated tube tops with femininity and never would have considered pairing it with two equally masculine pieces — trousers and oxfords which in this case, amounts to the boyish charm I’ve always wanted to go for. If Manila weather didn’t stop me, I would’ve thrown in a maxi-length coat but as of now, a tube top that works in the name of balance does the job already.

Bea Marin

6 thoughts on “BOY

  1. I actually thought this whole piece was a romper! Love, love this look! I rarely see you in all black outfits but I’m definitely lovin’ this one. 🙂 I hope you blog about the YS prom! 😦

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