Asto Group top / Thrift Market trousers / Zara bag

Manila has been as bipolar as the wardrobe choices I’ve been making the past few weeks — one day, I’m in drop shoulders and the next, I’m back in trousers. And as far as my on-off colds, pile of midriffs and swimwear are concerned, I don’t think I’m ready for any radical change. I’ll admit, I’m still stuck on the summer high I’ve missed out on which in result, had me make some off-season choices — cue skin-baring halter after last week’s storm subsided. But in a country that can have sunshine, rainfall and repeat in a span of one day, well, who wouldn’t be bound to walk out in such contrasting ensembles?

One thing I will also admit is how I seem to be transitioning from someone who is (or was) obsessed with covered looks and is now braving the public in something we Filipinos categorise as, and what Style Bible would quote, ‘hubadera’ — perhaps I’ve scrolled over Rumi Neely’s feed way too often? And for some reason, a model laying around half-naked, wrapped in designer fur would pop in my mind —  the default reblog for every fashion-slash-editorial tumblr blog. Confession #3: such as my own tumblr.

Although, anyone with same notion as me would agree that skin-baring has become more of a strategy against the heat. And not some sort of agenda. There’s something about that effortless, fine line between tasteful and provocative, right amount of exposure that I have the utmost admiration for.

Photos by Ira Gatmaitan

Bea Marin

12 thoughts on “BARE

  1. Ugh, your so pretty! I really love your blog and your looks. You are my inspiration.

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