Over the course of the year, I’ve reflected on what legally being an adult meant for me — and I’m not talking about the license to drive or intoxicating yourself pass midnight — no, I’m talking about embracing the independency my age permits through gratifying ways that doesn’t involve these so-called legendary benders.

It’s been a while since I last crossed something off my bucket list and now that I could do things independently, I’ve been determined to explore places. However, my conflicting schedule with school (thanks k-12 transition) and other things has gotten me accustomed to taking my need to travel unconventionally.

“Travelling could be overrated and here’s why,” a headline I’ve uninterestedly scrolled pass after every meaningless trivia Facebook has to offer (and if school-related groups and announcements didn’t hold me back, I’d hit deactivate by now). A headline that later had me pondering over and ironically summed up what I’ve began to felt. Although I’m not saying I’d pass down a trip abroad. There will always be that spark of thrill and fulfilment to jet-setting across the globe but as of late, I’ve been yearning for the type of adventure that would simply take a drive away.

After a few spontaneous trips to places I never knew existed, I’ve realised there’s so much our homeland has to offer — wether beyond toll gates or around town. Besides my visit to an uphill museum called Pinto, nothing boosted my appreciation than a recent overnight trip down south to simply see the other side of the city. It has officially become my goal to visit and revisit places I consider to be hidden gems and hopefully I’ll be able to share more of my experiences here.

Bea Marin

18 thoughts on “LIMITLESS

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