The Fifth Label skirt / Stradivarius bag / Nike shoes

These days, I find myself leaning towards anything that adds extra oomph to my outfits because I’m always in considerably unflattering (but totally feasible) garments.

Normcore, as we all like to glamorously label it, has always worked out for me in a sartorial sense. Socially, however, is a different story. People who aren’t as well aware of today’s fashion would give me the side eye as to why I’m wearing sneakers to such a high-end place. And god forbid a hoodie to a sit-down dinner or anything that requires a little “dressing up”.

Yes, I have worn the aforementioned.

My goal is to feel completely comfortable with the exception of the three: faux fur, mascara and heels without a platform.But on a regular day, I like to stick to staple yet interesting pieces and recently, I’ve found just that in knee-length skirts. Maybe it’s the subtle sophistication or the way it seemingly enhances my figure, regardless, it’s a piece that never diminishes a look with whatever it is paired with.

Photos by Bria Cardenas

Bea Marin

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