Fashion Paranoia bikini / Stradivarius hat

Last week was a six-day routine of waking up to an ocean view, lounging around until sunset and setting bonfires by nightfall. It was a week of celebratory feasting as we started our stay sipping pink lemonade by the reef and ended it with a spread of seafood and local cuisine. My time spent at the beach strip of Matuod, with bad reception being a blessing in disguise, was the reality break I’ve been needing since the start of the year. And there’s nothing as therapeutic to me as the splashes of sea water, walking in soft sand, breathing in salty air and basking the golden sun. If only I could spend my days sprawled over shores and hammocks all the time but heck, I couldn’t have asked for a better mind-clearing holiday before Mondays start feeling like such a drag again.

Bea Marin

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