H&M jacket and bracelet / Pink Manila top / Zara skirt / Nike shoes

It’s the month of February and I’m in the mood for touches of baby pink – completely prevailed by leather and black as if that couldn’t get any more predictable of me. But adding in an interesting top and hints of silver make it far from mundane. On another note, I’m keeping this short and let the photos do all the talking. I’m also currently attending to an onslaught of plates and Breaking Bad breaks in between. Happy Sunday everyone!

Photos by Bria Cardenas

8 (3)

3 (3)

1 (2)

12 (3)13 (3)

Bea Marin

8 thoughts on “TOUGH LOVE

  1. Every photo is on point! I love everything, Bea! ❤ Have a great week!! You can do those plates!! Fighting! 🙂

  2. hey bea! just found your blog, and I’m glad i did!
    hope we can hangout soon when I come back in Manila!

    love always,

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