Carisse top / H&M overalls / River Island heels

Understated elegance in the form of mock neck sweaters and leather dungarees. Another round of pairing high and low pieces. Read: dressy skirts with sneakers, hoodies with heels. But in today’s world adapting to the whole idea of basics is the new black, why not? If it’s anything that easily slips right into my wardrobe, it’s Carisse. Versatile, comfortable and with just the right amount of interesting cut-outs and slits? I’m sold.

Photos byBria Cardenas



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Bea Marin

4 thoughts on “POOLSIDE

  1. I’m older than you but I admire you so much Bea. 🙂 Your photos, style, the way you write. I always check your blog and leaving comments as well if your noticed it. You’re just purely awesome. 🙂 Keep it up!

    April of: http://beybiapril.wordpress.com
    Instagram: @beybiapril

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