H&M sweater and skirt / Zara bag / Nike shoes

I came to the realization that with age comes a change in style preference. What I used to condemn is now finding its way to my wardrobe- long skirts, turtlenecks and pieces I used to think was too mature in nature. But outside all this, the same notion applies to what I reflected on over the year and after turning 18: maturing, embracing change and learning how to thrash out what I truly need in my life over what is pernicious to it. After what seemed like an onslaught of  lessons-learned, it’s crazy how much personal-development could happen in a span of 12 months. Rest assured I still have a positive outlook and have so much to be grateful for. Once again I’m gratified with the range of opportunities and new friendships this blog alone has gotten me. And if it’s one thing I could say about 2014 is that I came out being a lot stronger and sensible than I was from when it first started. Cheers to the new year, everyone!

Bea Marin

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