A night of H&M

Exhausting but worth it — just few of the words I think of when I look back at my eventful experience 4 nights ago. It still hasn’t sink in that 1) this actually happened and 2) how in the world was I able to survive the hectic week that just occurred?

Oh wait, I’m currently in bed with a cold. A little price I have to pay for squeezing in school work, at least 3 hours of sleep and events. I repeat, it was all worth it. But let me digress the schedule talk and let’s talk about my experience more. As seen in the pictures, it was a day filled with nothing but fashion, meeting new people and more fashion. Fast forward to the VIP Night, the little compulsive shopper in me was appeased by 3 floors of heaps of clothing. And by the end of the night, me and my friend Renee was able to walk out with a bag of clothes and sore feet. Thanks Hennes and Mauritz.

Bea Marin

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