Rhipe’s Backyard top / H&M skirt / Stradivarius rings / ALDO bag

I’m decked in utilitarian fashion with pieces that is more functional than it is aesthetic-wise. Something I’ve learned as an interior design student which simultaneously applies with the way I dress. Boots with track soles and hats that work as sun/drizzle protection? Sold! With the bipolar weather nowadays, it’s always best to go for outfits that can adapt to any situation. On another lesson learned, it’s crazy what you find when you dig a little deeper – or in my case, my closet. I discovered this decade-old tennis skirt (under kids clothing, actually) which is officially my new found vintage gem!

Bea Marin

4 thoughts on “Utilitarian

  1. hi bea. really love your blog! and your favicon the ‘zs’ thing. hihi. it somehow forms an inverted heart. 🙂 also from cfad. hihi. goodluck on your plates.

  2. I’m so digging this look of yours! I like how you mix and match old and new pieces. keep it up Bea. 🙂

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