The Rooney





Forever 21 shirt, shorts and floppy hat / Sunnies by Charlie shades / ALDO bag

I’ve never made it a habit of incorporating sunglasses and hats to my outfits but after running around in my floppy hat in the city, it has made breaking a sweat and squinting ten times impossible. I’ve always felt like it drew too much attention but hey, it gives an upgrade to any outfit. I wore this to I Know Write MNL‘s blogging workshop a few days back. Since I wasn’t able to take much pictures, all I can say isΒ thatΒ I left feeling a lot more inspired and motivated. Meeting new people and fellow bloggers was just the cherry on top.

Bea Marin

14 thoughts on “The Rooney

  1. Love the outfit! I love the hat and the shoes (but who am I kidding, I love everything you’re wearing). I’m so glad to be able to see you in person and fangirl about you from afar in the event, although i was too shy to ask for a picture. xx

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